Northend Sow-A-Seed

Northend Sow-A-Seed is another project that the Northend Neighborhood Patrol has begun to help create jobs in our community.  We offer lawn care services which helps with the beautification of our community.  We have dedicated extra efforts toward cleaning our alleys for the safety of our residents.  We have young adults that are hard workers and were in need of jobs.  These services are offered all seasons.

The cost for services is extremely affordable, although its not a free service.  In exchange for serves rendered by Northend Sow a Seed you mush volunteer your time toward other Sow A Seed projects and/or Northend Neighborhood Patrol.

For over two years, Mr. Edmond,  our Northend Sow-A-Seed  Coordinator/Equipment Supervisor has volunteered and worked hard in keeping our equipment operational while maintaining the grounds for the Detroit Police Department located at 1300 Beaubien before they relocated to their new facility.

Since, the move, Mr. Edmond began cutting the Brady Field for our Youth to play ball. He has also cut vacant lot in out community at no cost.  With that said being said it time to give back to Mr. Edmond and his workers.

Please hire us for your lawn care service needs.  We service, small and large jobs including planting, vegetable beds, flower beds, trimming hedges, bushes and trees.  We remove snow, edge grass whatever your need are please call.  We provide excellent service.

Contact:   (313)-875-9151

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