About Us


Meet Phillis Hicks-Judkins, Chief Executive Officer for Northend Neighborhood Patrol (NNP), a 501(C)3 organization.   A native Detroiter, Entrepreneur and Detroit Public School’s Northwestern High Alumni. 

In her position, she commands the operations of the NNP and coordinates with local law enforcement to  monitor a twenty block radius in Detroit from Woodward  to I-75 (West/East) and Westminster  to Horton (North/South).

In the 1970’s, she worked in the first computer math lab for Biddle Elementary.   Mrs. Judkins also began her first social initiative on Detroit’s westside running a Boy’s Scout Troop always concerned about our youth.

Since then, she has contributed to the community as demonstrated by the prestigious recognition she received for her passion and devotion to the safety of people living and working in Detroit.  As she proudly states, “The best job I’ve had is the one I have right now.  I’m working in my own neighborhood ensuring the safety of the community.”  Further stating, “It’s where I began as block club member, then a block captain and now running a neighborhood patrol organizing community based projects with a social mission.”   

                                                                          Notable Mentions

1.      1985  Community Volunteer Program – Invaluable Service Award

2.      2010  1st Step Fast Trac – New Economy Initiative Certificate

3.      2011 – Community Spirit Award  

4.       2012 Wayne County Commission- Certificate of Recognition


We’re a proactive community based organization which provides neighborhood stabilization opportunities, safety patrol services and empowerment through educational training, collaboration and resources to enhance the quality of life for all citizens throughout the Northend and Detroit, Michigan.    



To create a sustainable, self sufficient, secured, prosperous, and harmonious community that will continue for generations to come.



For over three years, NNP has consistently sponsored community service events like neighborhood  clean ups, senior support services,  lawn care services, laundry and mentorship study groups for school students along with shared living quarters for people facing homelessness.   This would not be possible without our committed radio patrol services acting as the eyes and ears for the Northend community.  


Northend Neighborhood Patrol Personnel 

Phillis Judkins,                Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Israel Steen,                     Executive Director/Community Information

Michelle Van-Tardy,      Assistant Financial Officer/Patrol Coordinator

Toi London,                     Assistant Education Coordinator

Yolanda Taylor,              Senior Education Coordinator

Kathryn Barnett,          Advisory Community Coordinator/Safe Route

LaKent’e Carter,            Technician/Broker

Amos Mixon,                  Technician/Fundraising

Maurice Edmond,        Sow-A-Seed Coordinator/Equipment Supervisor

Kevin Harris,                  Technician/Mentor/Media/Newsletter

Nathan Neville,              Residential Supervisor/Office Manager

Sara Davis,                       Youth Coordinator/Event Planner

Selina Lewis Gibson,   Youth Coordinator Assistant/Application Manager

Note: Here’s just a few of the forty-five members working to make the patrol the best it can be.  Thank you “all” that has registered with us and working for the safety of our community.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Dianne Greer says:

    I say “Bravo” to Phyllis Judkins on hard work with the neighborhood patrol. Keep up the good work!

    Dianne Greer

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