4 Ward Phoenix

4 Ward Phoenix is a proactive community based business developed to help prevent joblessness from reoccurring in Detroit’s Northend Community.  We are presenting a uniquely designed mini golf course, for family fun. With the opportunity to provide members of 4 Ward Phoenix with income.    


Special Project

Our objective for 2013 consists of transforming six (6) vacant lots on Oakland Avenue near I- 75, into a miniature golf operation.  The mini golf course will instruct residents on the technique of how to putt.     

4 Ward Phoenix will use their  administrative skills, while honing  business and operation abilities. Which are  essential  tools for our success.

Currently, in Detroit there are no miniature golf courses located within the city limits..  This endeavor will be an excellent project, as well as, provide needed positive activities to our citizens.   We’re confident that the mini golf course will be something our youth and seniors will enjoy, while enhancing the turnaround of our city.


Definition for Phoenix:  A person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.

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