AAA partners with Detroit Public Schools “Safe Routes”

to help children traveling to school

 DETROIT, Aug. 28, 2013

AAA partners with Detroit Public Schools

AAA partners with Detroit Public Schools

 –  AAA of Michigan presented a $28,000 check to the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) to help expand the district’s volunteer patrol

program to keep children safer when traveling to         school.  The check was presented to school district leaders at Fisher Magnet Lower Academy located at 15510 East State Fair Rd., Detroit today (August 28, 2013).   Photo: B. Spragner


Safe Routes to Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools Police Department

Chief Roderick Grimes

                                                                                                                                                             Citizen Patrol Flier picture

Helping to ensure our children are safe walking to and from school plus while their in school.  Since 2003, our strategies have explored alternative methods to safeguard Detroit Public Schools students and staff.    


Our volunteers become the eyes and ears in the early morning/early evening hours in our schools and communities.   Candidates must complete an application, attend a training session and agree to a            background check.  Become a safety volunteer today!  Interested? 


DPS Police Command Center/Safe Routes Hotline: 313.748.6000.   


Presentations Available Upon Request:

Bullying Awareness and Gang Awareness

dpskidsdetroit police

Volunteers Needed!


313.748.6008  or 313.875.9151

 Credit:  DPS Police Department 8500 Cameron, Detroit 48211

judkins photo2

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  1. Reynolds says:

    Thank goodness for your exemplary efforts to help our children and communities. I enjoyed your site and look forward to your progression. Thanks again for being responsible and accountable to society. If anyone hasn’t told you, your group is a diamond in the rough.

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